Preliminary Design:  Understanding Your Vision

Our initial complimentary meeting will cover the needs of your family, use of space, options and budget.  I will share my knowledge of residential design to work collaboratively with you to include all of your preferences in the preliminary design.


Design and Specifications:  Concept to Creation

I will put your ideas to paper.  A second meeting will be scheduled within 10 working days to review a preliminary architectural print (new construction), or a comprehensive contract specifying the scope and timing of the project (remodeling).  During this meeting I will answer your questions and take your feedback to fine tune your design.   Once the specifications are complete and the initial financial commitment is made, your project will be added to my schedule and sent to my subcontractors.


Selection of Finishes:  Time to Start Shopping

Your project folder will include a selection schedule and allowances for finishes, along with vendor contact information to set appointments for selections. With my vendors’ design expertise you will be guided through the selection process.   They will communicate your selections with me and provide a quote.  I will review the quote and forward on to you for approval.  Once approved, the rest is up to me.  I will order, coordinate delivery, and inspect upon delivery.


Construction:  Let the Work Begin

I will be on site daily to communicate with you and my team of subcontractors.  Day to day questions, progress, adjustments, requests, and personal preferences will be the topics of conversation.


Completion:  Final Touches

Your project will be finished in a timely manner and on schedule.  Together we will create a punch list and my team will follow up on the final touches.  Most importantly, we stand behind our projects.  Our goal is not only to create a wonderful family space, but to build a lasting relationship that endures for many years to come.